The day F1 showed us emotion

I am just another F1 fan, these are just my thoughts on the climax to an enthralling season.

So often F1 seems to be a circus in which the drivers are the centre. Through this season Championship contenders Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have showed control and little emotion. Both wearing big smiles in times of victory and quietness when things haven’t gone their way. Yesterday we saw their human sides thanks to some brilliant coverage.

I am a huge Lewis fan, we had the privilege of seeing his sensational turn around at Silverstone. The desperation of Saturday followed by the comeback of Sunday! Yesterday he got the best of starts as Rosberg bogged down off the start line. Thank goodness he did, as it was after this Rosberg started to suffer faults on his car. The desperation showed in his voice as he demanded to know what more he could do over the team radio, and even the hardest of Hamilton fans had to feel slightly as his dream slipped away through no fault of his own. I feel Hamilton would have won the race but it would have been nice to see a final battle to the end.

The moment that really got me was Rosberg stating he would like to finish the race. The team gave him a way out but he remained defiant to the end. In that act he gained a huge amount of respect from many people, the damage done at Spa seemed a long time ago as limped to the finish line and Lewis Hamilton lapped him. Unthinkable.

Meanwhile his friend turned rival crossed the line to take the 2014 World Championship. As he got out of the car an out pouring of emotion followed, embraces from family and his girlfriend, all the time a camera following his every move. Before the podium he turned away and wiped his tears, it was wonderful to see his emotional side. Always calm and collected, sometimes a little moody- everyone could see what this meant to him. And then a truly touching moment… Nico Rosberg showing absolute class coming to the pre-podium room to congratulate the man who had taken his dream away. A warm embrace and kind words exchanged, the bitterness and mind games of the last few months seemed to disappear in that moment. Rosberg gained so much respect through these actions, especially from people like me who had questioned some of his actions through the season. Below is a picture that speaks a thousand words.

There is no doubt the rivalry will recommence in March, Lewis has said this morning he knows Nico will come out hungrier and more determined and he must once again up his game. Already talking about the next season, a true champion.

Lewis is the Champion F1 needs, in a sport with controversy at every turn he is a man from a humble background. He can divide opinion with his jewelry and tattoos, and sometimes his mood after disappointing races but this weekend we saw how much it meant to him.

A word too for Jenson Button. Always comes across as such a nice chap, who has driven brilliantly in a mediocre car with consistent point scoring throughout 2014. I sincerely hope he continues in the sport next year, and if he does not it seems wrong of Mclaren to rob him of a proper farewell.

Above all of this though, the most important thing is Jules Bianchi. Not forgotten in amongst all the drama, Forza Jules.


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