Last week I visited the beautiful Barcelona. If you are visiting or thinking of going I thought I would make a little list of reasons you should, and things you should see!

1. Cheap Flights- OK, not a reason actually in Barcelona, but Easy Jet and other air lines fly to Barca very cheaply, worth a scout around before you book.

2. Sagrada Familia. If you can only do one thing when you visit, make it this. This place started being built by the architect Gaudi before he died. Work started in 1882, and continues to this day. It is almost complete. Buy a ticket online before you go as queues can be long, we did this and booked a time slot. We also paid to go up one of the towers, which resulting in breath taking views across Barcelona, and myself having a mild panic attack from how high it was! You may think ‘it’s just a cathedral’ but it is truly stunning. Worth going if you’re a believer or not.


Inside the stunning Sagrada Familia


3. Parc Guell. We went mid morning and there was a brilliant view over the city. It is easy to get to, just a short walk from the metro. It is a steep climb, but there are escalators on the street to help! More Gaudi architecture can be found, although it is 8 Euro to go down and see it up close. We didn’t bother and admired it from above! As you can see in the photo, the bit you pay for is below me…Image


4. The beach! It is free, and lovely! We were fortunate with the weather, sunny and in the late teens and early 20s every day. It is about a 15 minute walk from the main street, La Rambla. Definitely go an chill out for an hour or 2. Look out for people trying to flog you something though, there are loads of them! Also whilst down here have a look around the harbour, in sheltered spots when the wind is blowing you can find a real sun spot! We enjoyed dinner here on our first night and watched the planes come in towards the airport, although it was quite expensive!

5. The Olympic Park. This place is brilliant. I had read on Tripadvisor it was tired and a bit of a ghost town. Well, it is tired looking, but then again it is 22 years old! The Olympic stadium has free access. We caught the metro line up the hill instead of forking out 16 Euro for the cable car! It came out 5 minutes from the stadium. We wondered around the whole of the Olympic Park, the scale of it was impressive! Whilst up there, take a stroll down towards the rather grand looking buildings, when you get in front of them you will be above Playa Catalunya, the view is brilliant!

At the impressive Olympic Park!
Where Linford Christie won gold in 1992!
The view of Playa Catalunya!

6. La Rambla. This is the main street in Barcelona. We stayed on the street, but our hotel was covered in scaffolding! Very disappointing, it was extremely noisy so we moved to an internal room which was OK. The street is a hive of activity, stalls and restaurants. We thought we got a good deal eating out on the street one evening, but the food wasn’t great. It is best to head La Rambla to one of the quaint squares and enjoy good food at a decent price too!

7. The Nou Camp. Probably only worth doing if you are a football fan, and over priced at 23 Euros! We enjoyed browsing the museum, and walking down the players tunnel.

8. Montserrat. This is a mountain about an hour and a half from Barcelona. It has a picturesque monastery up in the hills. It involves a train ride, then the choice of a railway or cable car. The views are fantastic, and it was moving to look around such a historic monastery. Worth doing if you have the time, but it does take a whole day.


We spent 4 days in Barcelona, and would certainly go back. We found the service a little abrupt, but think this is just the way in the city.


– When using the Metro buy a 10 journey ticket. It can be used for any  10 journeys, and you don’t check it between lines, plus it is only 10 Euros. They have ticket machines at the entrance to the stations, and there is a British menu option!

-Book Monsterrat at the station of Playa Catalunya. There are big signs where to go, the self service machines are a bit confusing, but there are helpers who assist you.

-Book Sagrada Familia before you go, when you walk past the long queues you will see why- and that was in March!

-We thought March was a perfect time to go. The weather is warm enough for a dress or shorts, and never too hot!

These are just my thoughts and what we personally enjoyed!



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