Not so Fast but Furious? The new F1 season!

F1 fans rejoice, the 2014 season is upon us! It stands to be potentially a revolutionary season, that could leave some teams who struggled last season ahead of the likes of giants Red Bull with the new regulations.

I have to admit I am not overly familiar with the deep technicalities of formula one, but it was easy to see thanks to Adrian Newey, that Red Bull were mechanically far superior to their rivals winning the constructors and drivers championship with consummate ease last year. It got to the stage when races were quite simply, boring. The drivers were admitting it themselves. I went to the Grand Prix at Spa and the highlight of the weekend was seeing Lewis Hamilton clinch pole, but come race day Vettel eased past him on the second corner and stretched a lead that was quite frankly dull.

So the new regulations and changes bring fresh uncertainty and a real problem for Red Bull. They had nailed their old car under the former regulations. The whole team were exact in their preparations. At the track before races, they were often the last team out testing and fiddling. Vettel, who many believe had the car to thank for his success, was also as obsessive. He visited the factories that make the visor rip offs, all the way up to the boys who make the engines. Red Bull now have to hope their obsessiveness will aid them this season, as so far it looks like they are struggling. Indeed Daniel Ricciardo has said he is doubtful either car will finish the Melbourne Grand Prix on Sunday.

There are rumours of surprise packages this season. The likes of Williams and Sauber have looked promising in testing, and could be talked about a whole lot more this year.

Mclaren have also looked solid in testing. For the first time in 33 years the team failed to get a single podium finish last season. They now have a new race director, formerly of Lotus Eric Boullier has taken the reigns. They have a new driver in the shape of Kevin Magnussen who is just 21 years old, he replaces Perez who has gone to Force India. Jenson Button continues to drive for the British team, and will hope for a vast improvement on the frustrations of last season.

ImageMclaren’s new car looks very slick.

Lewis Hamilton has been Tweeting about his teams progress through testing. The Mercedes driver has always insisted it the reason he made the move from Mclaren was for THIS season, which they have been working towards for sometime. Hamilton and Rosberg make a formidable force in the Mercedes cars, and some are claiming it will be they who dominate 2014. Christian Horner, director of Red Bull racing has even warned they may lap Red Bull at the Melbourne circuit this Sunday!

ImageUnveiling the winner of the 2014 season?

Sunday is set to be one of the most intriguing Grand Prix’s for years. Who knows, Max Chilton in his Marussia may even not get lapped…if that happens then we know the new regulations really have drastically changed things! Max Chilton has said he is out to make a point, by getting some points this season…


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