The Expense Of Live Football

Yesterday I went to see my team, Aston Villa, in their crunch tie against Norwich. 3 points were desperately needed by both teams. This was only the third time I had been to Villa Park, I went in October to see them play Everton and previously when I was about 6 to see the most dull 0.0 draw.

The first half yesterday was thrilling. Norwich took an early lead through Hoolahan who was supposed to sign for Villa in January. What followed was arguably Villa’s best 20 minutes of the season, a double from Benteke to make it 2.1, a brilliantly worked goal from Delph and Bertrand, and Bacuna finishing brilliantly to make it 4.1. The second half was a damp squib at best. On the final whistle along with thousands of fans we trudged back through the torrential rain to our car parked 2 miles away as parking near the ground was a rip off. As we walked I considered the players who would be shattered, but getting into their luxury cars bought on their enormous salaries, and there seems a slight injustice.

I love going to watch Villa, but the cheapest tickets were £28. It is hardly accessible for those on a standard wage? Then the accesibility of many grounds leaves a lot to be desired, streets are cordoned off and if the weather is bad getting soaked hardly adds to the fun of the day. Could football clubs do more for the fans?

Another team I have watched a lot is Swansea City, as I used to live there. They did great deals such as £10 for students in conjunction with the University. It would be a great idea if this offer was widened to more members of the public, £28 to watch 90 minutes of football seems a lot, and if the tickets were cheaper the stands would be full which is surely something every club wants?

I have done some research, and the most expensive season ticket this season was Arsenal at a staggering £985. You could buy a car for that! The cheapest, maybe surprisingly, was Manchester City at £299 which does seem better value. My team Villa were second cheapest at £325. The cheapest match day ticket comes from Hull City at £15. The only ‘bargain’ I have got from live football was a deal Villa did yesterday which influenced us to go to the game, and that was a £10 home shirt with your ticket which I happily purchased. (As you can see below, along with brilliant printed name for a few extra pounds!)


Football is the country’s national sport, yet so many miss out because of extortionate pricing. Add up the ticket price, plus refreshments which are about £2.20 for a bottle of water let alone anything more substantial! Then the price of getting there whether it be petrol or bus/train tickets, its no wonder there are often thousands of empty seats in Premier League Grounds. I had a wonderful time yesterday, but its a luxury, and won’t be happening again til next season probably, unless clubs can make an affordable alternative that works for all.


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