The Brits- what they missed…


I quite enjoyed The Brits on Wednesday evening. The Arctic Monkeys barely reacting to themselves winning Best British Album made me chuckle, although Twitter went into over drive at Alex Turner’s speech!

On the face of it, all went smoothly. There was a good selection of ‘real’ music, Bastille, Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie all picking up awards. Then of course, there was One Direction winning the One Direction award- Global Success or whatever they name it.

However, on reflection, I am puzzled by the omission of some brilliant artists. Why did The 1975 not receive a single nomination. I am slightly biased as I am a big supporter of them and have championed them from the start, but the statistics speak for themselves. A debut number 1 album, consistently making national playlists and slowly making waves in America. You would have hazarded a guess they may be in Best British Album category, but it was even more astounding they were left out of Best British Breakthrough.

Another noticeable absentee was Chvrches. A top 10 album, critics salivating and racing to review it, and even making a break into the US market charting at number 12. Again, puzzling as to why they were not in Best British Breakthrough? More spring to mind, where were Biffy Clyro? They released a fantastic and popular album in the last 12 months, and surely Foals deserved a nod for Holy Fire?

Other music awards will applaud them. Next week the NME Awards once again take place. I have been the last few years but will not be at this years ceremony at the 02 in Brixton on Wednesday. It will be as far from The Brits as you can get. Booze will be piled high, it will be less corporate record labels and more Florence and The Machine standing and dancing on her table. Moreover, it will celebrate the likes of the aforementioned, and the only room for One Direction will probably be in the ‘Villain Of The Year’ catergory. It looks as if The 1975 will miss out once again though, NME-the magazine- have never warmed to them (NME Radio were big supporters).

Still, an award is just the cherry on the top. I am quite sure Matt and the boys can sleep well at night with a number one album under their belt and inevitable huge festival season on the horizon. Awards are indeed a fantastic way to be recognised for achieving something outstanding, but incredibly subjective and I doubt they could ever be called fair!


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