slothparty3Welcome to my blog!

The site is named Sloth Time as it is 5 minutes for you to chill out from whatever you are doing. (Plus sloths are my favourite animals)

I currently present breakfast on The Breeze South West. I hate my 4.45am alarm but love my job! I previously presented on NME Radio before it sadly closed last year. I also presented on Nation Radio and Bridge FM.

I will be posting about music as this is my biggest passion in life. On NME I was privileged to play new music every day, and its something I still love to keep an eye on and will be casting my humble opinion on new bands I have discovered and bands making great music on here!

I will also be posting about sport and football, something I have a solid knowledge of as I play football in the Women’s Premier League for Keynsham Town Ladies. Other sports that take my interest are tennis and F1.

Please follow me on Twitter @michelleowen7 and I will Tweet every time I post a new blog. Check back in a few days for my first proper entry, and some sloth time for yourself- we shall call this Slothing! (And here is a picture of me to prove I am an actual person)meb


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